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Guitar, Ukulele, Trumpet and Music Theory Tuition - All Ages
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TONIC MUSIC SCHOOL is focused on providing high-quality personalised tuition for all ages and levels.
We cater for both children and adults and the style of tutoring and approach is bespoke and tailored to every students individual needs.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll find something for you!
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Beginner Trumpet Lessons
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Learn to play the Ukulele!
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Think you can't? Think again!
We will have you playing your first song in under an hour!
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Group Uke Lessons
"My girlfriend booked a few group sessions for myself and some friends as a birthday present. What a brilliant time we had! I cannot believe that I could learn to play something so quickly. I've never picked up an instrument before and after the first lession I could play about three songs. I intend to get myself a Uke now and take it on my travels to entertain round the camp fires!!"  Harvey Wilkinson , Sheffield
Company Teambuilding Workshops
"The team and have had rome real challenges this year - long hours tight deadlines - and the strain was beginning to show. So instead of the usual Powerpoint presentations about company strategy and 'living the brand' I wanted to do something fun and motivational with the team. It really helped us bond not just as colleagues but as people again! I'd definately do it again and the feedback from the team was fantastic." Jonathan Carson FCCA, Leeds
Acoustic Guitar Lessons
"After watching Eddie Vedder on his solo tour in Manchester I decided I wanted to learn an instrument. I chose the acoustic guitar and as a typical bloke wanted to play an Oasis track ASAP. I'm glad that I arrived at Tonic's front door however, because they taught me to play properly. I now understand the theory behind music as well as having the ability to play tracks I know and love! All the bad habits that would have seen me plateau as I eventually got bogged down with them were corrected along the way opening the door to more progression. I love playing now, and know that I have the technique and knowledge to progress quickly. Five stars from me! Saved me from mediocracy! :-)" Dave Turner, Barnsley
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